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Are you in the market for an excavator or are you looking for excavators for hire in Kenya? We provide nationwide rentals and sales of excavators. Our hydraulic powered excavators are engineered machinery built with the latest industry-leading technology offereing you maximum job productivity at minimum costs.

Whether it's road construction, mining, civil engineering or general excavation, our excavators are ideal for the task and are available for hire nationwide. We also have a wider range of excavators for sale in Kenya.

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Types of excavators and what to consider when buying them in Kenya

The building and construction industry in Kenya is very vibrant as the government has identified it as a sector that can stimulate economic development. Towards this end, the Kenyan Government has identified affordable housing as one of its Key Agenda Four Items meaning that the government will provide incentives to the players of the industry. When talking about building and construction, we must think about the machinery that facilitates the work. One of the core machinery needed in most of the building and construction projects is the excavator. If you are a contractor in building and construction industry, you can either buy or hire an excavator at the stage when the project needs it. Before delving on factors to consider when hiring or buying an excavator, it is crucial to explain the various types of excavators that we have in the Kenyan market.

Types of excavators

a) Standard excavator
The standard excavator is the most common in the Kenyan market and has various attractive features. The excavator has a weight ranging from 6-5000 tonnes and is suited for both small and big construction projects. It can be used for multiple purposes like demolition of structures, handling of materials and dredging.

b) Minor excavators
This is a small type of the standard excavator. Their weight is between 0-5 and is efficient for minor assignments. These types of excavators are normally used in squeezed small areas where the standard excavator cannot be easily used due to space restrictions.

c) Knuckle boom excavator
This excavator has the same features like the standard excavator but it has an extra joint that enables it to do more work by swing left or right. This type has the ability to reach places that the standard excavator is not able to reach.

d) Long reach excavator
It has a big arm that can reach places where a standard excavator may not reach. It is ideal for demolishing big buildings and dredging.

e) Zero swing excavator
It does not swing and is ideal in undertaking projects that are squeezed or at tight locations.

There are various factors to consider when buying an excavator machine. These are as explained below.

a) Work to be done
It is important to consider the work to be done when buying or hiring the excavator. The project to be performed determines the kind of excavator that should be used. It is also advisable to consider the site where the excavator will be used.

b) Engine capacity
The engine capacity determines the power of the excavator. If you want to do big construction projects, it is important to choose an excavator whose engine capacity is big enough to perform the work.

c) Maintenance cost
It is important to consider the maintenance and service cost for the excavator. You need to determine how regular will the maintenance be carried out and who should be responsible. If the maintenance cost far exceeds the production cost, then it is advisable hire the excavator than buying it. This is because when you hire the machine, you return it when you accomplish your job and there will be no extra cost incurred. There are manufacturers who have contracted certain companies to maintain their machines, it is important to inquire about this prior to buying and consider whether the manufacturer will pay them. Using a different contractor is risky because, the warranty may be forfeited by doing so.

d) Price of excavator
It is important to consider prices before buying the excavator. Because there are different manufacturers, the prices from each of them vary according to various factors. It is advisable to buy an excavator from a reputable manufacturer and at affordable price. Regardless of the price, buying the machine from a reputable manufacturer has many advantages. For example, the warranty period of the machine is likely to long, you will sell the machine fast should you want to do so in the future, and the spare parts are readily available.

e) Manufacturer considerations
It is important to do your background well about the repute of the manufacturer before buying the machine. This is because reputable manufacturers make products of high quality and they have created a good name that they might not want to spoil through offering of substandard items. You can easily gauge the reputation of the manufacturer through what the past clients are saying. It is important to visit their website and get all the information. The website page of a good manufacturer is well organized and has various information that assist potential buyers to make decisions.

f) The warranty
You need to read and ensure that you understand the warranty information. A good warranty will cover a reasonable number of years and will state clearly what is covered and what is not. The manufacturer may also direct you to contractors who maintain and repair your machine. If you realize that the warranty covers a short duration, it is advisable not to buy from that manufacturer because the quality of their machinery is questionable.

g) Technology that is used to manufacture your excavator
When buying the machine it is important to evaluate the technology used to manufacture it. Machines manufactured using high level of technology are ideal because they can perform better regardless of the size.

h) Licenses
It is advisable to buy from a supplier who is licensed and registered to sell the product from relevant government authorities. This is because there are so many suppliers in the Kenyan market and it is hard to differentiate the genuine one from bogus contractors. You can only determine this if you use ask for their license.

i) Terrain
The terrain of your land will determine the kind of excavator to buy. It is advisable to evaluate the kind of land that the machine is going to work on before buying. If for instance, the machine is going to work on rocky land, it is advisable to buy a high power engine excavator that will work well on that ground.